Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.

~ Hermann Hesse


Astrologer — Govinda Miller

Astrologer — Govinda Miller

For over 36 years, Govinda Miller has provided spiritual astrological guidance for individuals, families and businesses.  He also gives public presentations and  teaches classes and workshops both nationally and internationally.  He authors a monthly syndicated astrology column, which is published by newspapers and newsletters and can be viewed on his website.

He is a teacher of Inner Peace Meditation, a Chakra Clearing & Balancing practitioner and teacher. Reiki Master, and has working knowledge of nutrition, herbology, gemology and yoga.  He and his wife,  Janet Samadhi Rose, are official guides of the Casa de Dom Inacio and host small groups of people for healing journeys to be with John of God in Abadiania, Brazil.

Specialized Therapies — Genie Monte-Pelizzari, LMP

Specialized Therapies — Genie Monte-Pelizzari, LMP

Source Connection Therapy  “Unhealthy patterns can be unlearned” with Source Connection Therapy.  This is a whole body balancing treatment, designed to work with our body’s ability to heal itself by encouraging the reconnection and harmonization of energy pathways.  This treatment is a newly revealed series of points that, when gently held, reinforce an important flow of the body. Receiving a SCT treatment calms the central nervous system and centers a person by reuniting right and left brain hemispheres, which gives the body the opportunity to be calm and focused so it is able to find its own path to perfect health.  SCT can take an hour as a single treatment or be used with other treatments to help the body integrate the information it has received.  For an appointment or more information contact Genie at:  208-255-7314 or by e.mail at: geniemp@yahoo.com  Website: www.sourceconnectiontherapy.com

Numerology by Martha

Numerology by Martha

I can honestly say that having had a reading by Martha I was very impressed by her ability and insight. Martha has 18 years of experience in empowering others through numerology, with a specialized background in working with Master Teachers, near-death experience’ rs and UFO experience’ rs. Readings can be particularly powerful during transitional times such as career change, divorce or choosing a college, or as a gift for birthdays or other special occasions. For more information or to make an appointment contact Martha at: 203-565-4745

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