Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.

~ Hermann Hesse


Psychic Medium – Deborah Marie

Deborah Marie has been a direct voice medium for over 30 years. She has helped 1000’s across the U.S., with everyday issues including their professional & spiritual journeys Guidance comes to her from her client’s loved ones who have passed on and their spirit guides. To make an appointment with Deborah-Marie contact her at: 208-920-1815 or by email: deboahmaire777@gmail.com

Animal Communication – Lindy Swartz

Lindy is able to  communicate with your animals. This is especially helpful if you have concerns about their health or behavior. Contact Lindy at:  208-661-7784

Tarot Readings – Marsha Lord

Marsha Lord has been a psychic with integrity  for over 35 years. She has appeared on NBC, CBS and ABC as well as several radio shows. Her accuracy rate is over 85%. She specializes in time lines of events. To make an appointment with Marsha contact her at:  509-671-0916.

Intuitive Reader – Rhylaigh Richler

Rhylaigh Richler has been an intuitive reader for 35 years. She receives information through vision, auditory input and psychometry as she connects with the energy fields of an individual. Rhylaigh is available here at Inquire Withing by appointment. To make an appointment  with Rhylaigh contact her at:  805-448-1101.

Astrologer — Govinda Miller

For over 36 years, Govinda Miller has provided spiritual astrological guidance for individuals, families and businesses.  He also gives public presentations and  teaches classes and workshops both nationally and internationally.  To learn more about Govind  visit his website: www.AstrologyWithGovinda.com


Specialized Therapies — Genie Monte-Pelizzari, LMT

Source Connection Therapy  “Unhealthy patterns can be unlearned” with Source Connection Therapy.  This is a whole body balancing treatment, designed to work with our body’s ability to heal itself by encouraging the reconnection and harmonization of energy pathways.  This treatment is a newly revealed series of points that, when gently held, reinforce an important flow of the body. Receiving a SCT treatment calms the central nervous system and centers a person by reuniting right and left brain hemispheres, which gives the body the opportunity to be calm and focused so it is able to find its own path to perfect health.  SCT can take an hour as a single treatment or be used with other treatments to help the body integrate the information it has received.  For an appointment or more information contact Genie at:  208-255-7314 or by e.mail at: geniemp@yahoo.com  Website: www.sourceconnectiontherapy.com

Healing Facilitator — Lindy Swartz

Guardian angel healing and guidance readings for children and adults.  Long distance clearings, healing, and guidance for all situations.  Including home and property energetic clearings from interference and disruption.  For more information and any questions you may have please call Lindy at: 208-661-7784 or e.mail her at Lindyswrtz@gmail.com

Numerology by Martha

I can honestly say that having had a reading by Martha I was very impressed by her ability and insight. Martha has 18 years of experience in empowering others through numerology, with a specialized background in working with Master Teachers, near-death experience’ rs and UFO experience’ rs. Readings can be particularly powerful during transitional times such as career change, divorce or choosing a college, or as a gift for birthdays or other special occasions. For more information or to make an appointment contact Martha at: 203-565-4745

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