Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

~ Aristotle


Here’s the latest news at the store!

March New Arrivals

Ancient Tradition of Angels, The Power and Influence of Sacred Messengers, by Normandi Ellis, paperback priced at $20.00

Animal Wayshowers, The lightworkers Ushering in 5D Consciousness, by Tammy Billups, paperback priced at $18.00.

Being Ram Dass, by Ram Dass, paperback priced at $22.99 If you are a Ram Dass fan you will want to read this book.

Grimalkin’s Curious Cats Tarot, 80 card tarot deck with book, by M. J. Cullinane priced at $29.99, If you are a cat lover you might want this deck just for the cat pictures.

New Chinese Astrology, by Suzanne White, paperback priced at $24.99 The book covers each of the Chinese Astrology signs in depth.

Shamanic Dreaming, Connecting with Your inner Visionary, by Carol Day, paperback priced at $18.99

The Trap, What it is, how it Works and How We Escape it’s Illusions by popular author David Icke, paperback priced at $20.00

Wisdom Wheel, A Mythic Journey Through the Four Directions by Alberto Villoldo, paperback priced at $16.99

Your Tarot Toolkit, Simple Activities for Your Daily Practice, by Ru-Lee Story, paperback priced at $24.99

February New Arrivals

Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle, 44 card deck, by Radleigh Valentine, priced at $24-99

Book of Ceremony, Shamanic Wisdom for Invoking the Sacred in Everyday Life, by Sandra Ingerman, paperback priced at $18.95

Children of the Law of One & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis, by Jon Peniel, paperback priced at $23.95

Crystal Rituals by the Moon, by Leah Shoman, hardback priced at $22.95

Cunningham’s Book of Shadows, The Path of an American Traditionalist, by Scott Cunningham, hardback priced at $22.95

Empires of Atlantis, The origins of Ancient Civilations and Mystery Traditions throughout the Ages by Marco M. Vigato, paperback priced at $25.99

Enchanting Creativity, How Fairy Tales, Dreams, Rituals & Journaling Can Awaken Your Creative Self, by Paula Chafee Scardamalia, hardback priced at $16.99

Mists of Avalon Oracle, 36 card deck, by Rose Inserra, priced at $24.95

Rituals for Life, A guide to creating meaningful rituals inspired by nature, by Isla Macleod, hardback priced at $19.99

Symbol & Synchronicity, Learning the Soul’s Language in Dreams and Waking Life, by Julie Loar, paperback priced at $19.99

December New Arrivals

Blackthorn’s Botanical Wellness, A Green Witch’s Guide to Self-Care, by Amy Blackthorn, paperback priced at $21.95

Casting Lots Ancient Hebrew Divination by Elisheva Nesher, paperback priced at $18.95 (book only)

Egypt’s Golden Couple. When Akhenaten and Nefertiti were Gods on Earth, by John and Colleen Darnell, hardback priced at $29.99


I Love You Little I Love You Lots by Douglas Wood hardback priced at $17.99

Lights that Dance in the Night, by Yuval Zommer, hardback priced at $18.99

Maisy’s Snowy Day by Lucy Cousins, hardback priced at $14.99

Ready for Spaghetti, Funny Poems for Funny Kids, by Michael Rosen, hardback priced at $18.99

Strum & Drum, A Merry Little Quest, by Jashar Awam hardback priced at $18.99

Will We Always Hold Hands? by Christopher Cheng and Stephen Michael King, hardback priced $18.99

Yetis are the Worst! by Alex Willan, hardback priced at 18.99

November new arrivals

Cats Rule the Earth Tarot 78 card deck and guidebook for the feline obsessed, by Davidson & Correa, priced at $29.99, Nurture you divine feline wisdom through the ancient art of tarot

Herbal Medicine from the Heart of the Earth, updated third edition, by Dr. Sharol Marie Tilgner, oversized paperback priced at $29.95

Rainbow Tablets, Journey back to Wholeness by Sia-Lanu Estrella, paperback priced at $20.00

Rainbow Tablets, Divine Union and Sacred Sexuality by Sia-Lanu Estrella, paperback priced at $18.00

In addition to the new books we have a new supplier of pendulums and smudge kits The kits include white sage, palo santo and crystals. Come in and check them out they might be the perfect Christmas gift.

October New Arrivals

The Christmas Princess, by Mariah Carey and Michaela Angela Davis, hardback priced at $18.99 a new Christmas tale. A great gift for young children.

Crystal Magic, A practical handbook of the Power of Sacred Stones, by Aurora Kane, hardback priced at $19.99 Tune in to the magical crystal energies around you.

Once Around the Sun, Stories, Crafts & Recipes to Celebrate the Sacred Earth Year, by Ellen Evert Hopman, paperback priced at 16.99, Children’s Folklore and Crafts a great family gift.

September New Arrivals

Calendars have started arriving and there are more on the way.

Sacred Geometry and Magical Symbols by Iva Kenaz paperback priced at $12.99 This book is a simple guide for understanding symbols.

Urban Crow Oracle by M J Cullinane the author of the popular Crow Tarot deck, This is a 54 card deck and guidebook priced at $26.99.

Woodland Wardens Oracle by Jessica Roux This is a 52 card deck and guidebook priced at $19.99 If you like animals be sure to check this deck out

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