Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

~ Aristotle


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June New Arrivals

Animal Spirits Knowledge Cards by Susan Boulet priced at $10.95, Each of the 48 images are accompanied by a brief description of the animal’s power and symbolism in various cultures.

Archangel Oracle Card by Diana Cooper priced at $19.99 The deck includes 44 cards.

Goddesses Knowledge Cards by Susan Boulet priced at $10.95 Deck includes 48 Goddesses from various cultures.

Shamanic Power Animals Embracing the Teachings o our non-human friends, by Don Jose Ruiz paperback priced at $$24.99, Explore the wisdom of the animal world

Wisdom Codes by popular author Gregg Braden, paperback priced at $16.99 Ancient words to rewire our brains and heal our hearts

April New Arrivals

Becoming an Empowered Empath, How to clear Energy set Boundaries & Embody your Intuition by Wendy De Rosa, paperback priced at $15.95

Cerridwen, Celtic Goddess of Inspiration, by Kristoffer Hughes, paperback priced at $21.99

Divine Masters, Ancient Wisdom, by Kyle Gray, hardback priced at $18.99, a powerful new guide to the Ascended Masters and how to work with them to receie guidance, healing and protection

Evocating the Gods, Divine Evocation in the Graeco, Egyptian Magical Papyri, by Christopher A. Plaisance, paperback priced at $23.00

Magic Candle , Facts and Fundamentals of Ritual Candle Burning, by Charmaine Dey, paperback priced at $8.95

Up-Coming Events

We’re excited to be able to present the following events:

Higher Guidance Tarot Divination Workshop presented by Madelaine Parker Wednesday, April 28th, 6 pm – 8:30 pm cost of attendance $33.00 For complete information check our event schedule. To learn more abut Madelaine visit her website:

Fire Reiki Treatments by Barb Haven reiki master, Saturday, May 1st, 10 am – 5 pm, cost of a session is $40.00 Visit Barb’s website and read the testimonials.

March New Arrivals

Experience the Mystery of Tarot Ceremonies, spreads, and meditations to deepen your connection to the cards, by Katalin Jett Koda, paperback priced at $18.99

Nordic Runes understanding, casting and interpreting the ancient Viking oracle, by Paul Rhys Mountfort, paperback priced at $16.99

Runes Oracle by Guy Ogilvy priced at $19.95 This is a boxed set including a full color book, wooden runes and a fabric bag for the runes.

Secrets of Space Clearing Learn methods for clearing and uplifting the energy in your home by popular author Denise Linn, paperback priced at $17.99

Urban Faery Magick Connecting to the Fae in the modern world, by Tara Sanchez, paperback priced at $19.99

February New Arrivals

Celtic Tree Rituals Ceremonies, for the for the Thirteen Moon Months and a Day by Sharlyn Hidalgo, paper back priced at $18.99, Perfect time for the Spring Equinox Ceremony

Divination for Beginners, reading the past present and future by Scott Cunningham, paper back priced at $15.99. A complete guide to divination and how to choose what works best for you.

Priestess of the Morrigan, Prayers, rituals and devotional work to the great Queen, by Stephanie Woodfield, paper back priced at $21.99

Sacred Mothers & Goddesses Oracle 40 cards and guidebook set by Claudia Olivos priced at $25.95

The Tarot a Short Treatise on Reading Cards, by S. L. Macgregor Mathers, paper back priced at $11.95

January New Arrivals

Angelic Lightwork, Magic & Manifestation with the Angels, by Alana Fairchild, paperback priced at $16.99, receive divine blessings, sacred guidance & healing energy from the angels.

Annual Predictive Techniques of the Greek, Arabic & Indian Astrologers, by Martin Gansten, paperback priced at $23.00, Interested in astrology or a practitioner this book is for you.

Answer by David Icke paperback priced at $29.99. The newest book from the popular author David Icke the man who has been right again and again.

Crystal Grids handbook use the power of the stones for healing and manifestation hardback priced at $19.99 from the popular author on crystals Judy Hall

Great Goddess reverence of the divine feminine from the Paleolithic to the present, paperback priced at $$18.99 by Jean Markale author of Women of the Celts

Mary Magdalene Revealed, The first Apostle, her feminist Gospel and the Christianity We haven’t tried yet, by Meggan Watterson, hardback priced at $$24.99, New York Times review “This book is a masterpiece. I haven’t been this excited or awakened by a book for a decade.”

Mysteries of Merlin by John Michael Greer, paperback priced at $18.99, Discover your path of self-initiation.

Secrets of the Druids from Indo-European origins to modern practices, by Teresa Cross, paperback priced at $19.99 Celtic Spirituality

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