Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.

~ Aristotle


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Holistic Fair

Holistic Fair

Open the door to our fair on Saturday, March 23rd, 2019, 10 am – 5 pm. It is time to celebrate the Vernal Equinox when the Sun enters the astrological sign of Aries. This is a time of New Beginnings. A perfect time to have a reading or experience intuitive body work. Cost of a reading is $20.00 for 15 minutes. Pick and choose or try them all. For more information contact me at 208-255-7903, by email at or through the contact section on this site. The following is a list of practitioners that will be at at the Fair. (Note practitioners are listed in alphabetical order.

Christine Bailey: Experience the amazing affects of Royal Rife’s resonate frequency technology that can assist the body to remove parasites, environmental toxins and more. Look up Royal Rife on the web for more information.

Stephanie Dancing Eagle: trained/initiated Shaman and Woman’s Wisdom Keeper for 20 years. Offering aura, chakra or flower essence readings.

Marla DeMars: Palm reader providing accurate and insightful readings using a scientific approach with a mystical twist. To learn more about Marla visit her website:

Walter Ernest: Psychic medium, intuitive. He is an international psychic working in Canada and the US helping his clients in their spiritual and personal development.

Aron Fox: Hypnotherapist offering past-life regression. To learn more about Aron visit his website:

Govinda Miller: Astrologer with over 42 years experience as a professional spiritual astrologer. For more information about Govinda visit his website:

Marsha Lord: Tarot readings. Marsha has appeared on television and radio. Her accuracy rate is over 85%. Marsha specializes in time lines of events.

Gaia Reitan, LMT: Offering energy work with tensor rings and a touch of planetary sound. Visit her website” to learn more about Gaia and the tensor rings.

Rhylaigh Richler: Intuitive reader. She is divinely guided receiving information through vision, auditory input and psychometry as she connects with the energy field of an Individual.

Lindy Swartz: Animal Communication. Visit Lindy to hear what your animals have to say. Especially helpful if you have concerns about their health or behavior.

Tensor Rings: These uniquely designed rings and sets will be for sale at the fair. They utilize a combination of ancient healing frequencies that can assist in bringing the mind/body/spirit into alignment and harmony. Take this opportunity to experience the rings. Shannon and Albert will be here to assist you. (Note: $20.00 does not apply to the ring sales.)

New Arrivals

Ancient Fire an introduction to Celtic Polytheism by Segomaros Widugeni paperback priced at: $14.85

Encounters with Nature Spirits co-creating with the Elemental Kingdom by R. Ogilvie Crombie paperback priced at $14.99

In Search of Lost Lives, Desire, Sanskaras, and the evolution of the mind & soul by Michael Goddart paperback priced at $26.95

The Most Important Thing . Discovering Truth at the Heart of Life, by Adyashanti, hardback priced at$22.95

January New Arrivals

Cup of Destiny by Jane Lyle, priced at $24.95, new addition, A traditional  fortune teller’s for reading the tea leafs. cup and saucer plus an illustrated book of interpretations . Back in stock after a long absence.

Crystals Made Easy by Judy Hall paperback priced at $15.99  this is Judy Hall’s newest addition to her books on crystals.

Lost Tomb of King Arthur, The Search for Camelot and the Isle of Avalon by Graham Phillips, paperback priced at $18.00,

Seven Secrets to Healthy, Happy Relationship, by Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr and Heather Ash Amara, hardback priced at $17.95. Just in time for Valentines Day.

Shamanism Made Easy,Awaken and Develop the Shamanic Force Within by Christa Mackinnon, paperback priced at $14.00

New Arrivals

This month Celtic books head the list of new arrivals and something new other than books. We are now carrying a Smudge Spray in a 2 oz bottle, priced at $16.00. The ingredients are what drew me to this product. They are: water, proprietary blend of medical grade essential oils, holy waters from around the world, sacred site essences from around the world and Bach flower essences.  OK now on to the books

Cat Wisdom by Tanya Graham, priced at $21.95 includes 45 cards to brighten your day.

Brigid History, Mystery and Magick of the Celtic Goddess by Courtney Weber paperback priced at $18.95

Celts, uncovering the Mythic and Historic Origins of Western Culture by Jean Markale paperback priced at $16.95

Connecting with the Angels Made Easy, How to see, hear and feel your angels by Kyle Gray, paperback priced at $15.99

Druids, Celtic Priests of Nature by Jean Markale, paperback priced at $18.95

Fortune Telling with Playing Cards, by Jonathan Dee, paperback priced at $15.95

King Arthur and the Goddess of the Land, the Divine Feminine in the Mabinogion, by Caitlin Matthews,paperback priced at $16.95

Legends of the Grail, stories of Celtic Goddesses by Ayn Cates Sullivan, paperback priced at $16.95

Mysteries of the Qabalah by Eliphas Levi paperback priced at $19.95

Qabalah Made Easy by David Wells, paperback priced at $14.99

Sidhe, Wisdom from the Celtic Otherworld by John Matthews, paperback priced at $15.00

Women of the Celts, by Jean Markale, paperback priced at: $19.95

December New Arrivals

Chakras Made Easy , Seven Keys to Awakening and Healing the Energy Body by Anodea Judity, paperback priced at $$14.95. Anodea is is the world’s best selling author of books on the chakars.

A Mind at Home with Itself, by Bryon Katie with Stephen Mitchel, paperback priced at $16.99, Book discusses how asking four question can free your mind , open your heart and turn your world around.

I Could Pee on This Too and more poems by more casts, by Francesco Marciuliano hardback priced at $12.95, This one is for all you cat lovers out there.

Divine Dog Wisdom Cards by Teresa Shishim, a 62 card deck and book priced at $$18.99. This one is for all you dog lovers out there.


New Arrivals

Calendars are in including the Maynard Astrological calendar.

Angels and Ancestors Oracle Deck by Kyle Gray, priced at $18.99 includes 55 cards and booklet

Cygnus Key,The Denisovan Legacy, Gobekli Tepe and the Birth of Egypt by Andrew Collins priced at $24.00, This is on my to read list but haven’t gotten to it yet.

Dreams of Gaia Tarot by Ravynne Phelan, priced at $35.95, boxed set of 78 cards and instruction book, I have seen many tarot decks but I think this is the most beautiful one yet.

Intercession of Spirits, working with animals, angels & ancestors by Ted Andrews, priced at $14.95, Ted Andrews is a well known author with many best sellers including Animal Speak, I don’t think that this one will disappoint you..

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