Anticipatory Grief a Time to Grow Spiritually by local author Virginia Campbell paperback priced at $15.00

Atlantic in the Caribbean and the Comet That Changed the World by Andrew Collins paperback priced at $20.00

Dreams the Missing Test: by Ari Stone paperback priced at $18.95 What are they? Why do we have them? and how what we do in them determines our waking 3D life experience

Energy Strands by Denise Linn paperback priced at $16.95 The ultimate guide to clearing the cords that are constricting your life.

Magickal Astrology by Skye Alexander, hardback priced at $16.95, Use the power of the planets to create an enchanted life and to re connect with the magickal forces around you.

Wisdomkeepers of Stonehenge The living libraries and healers of Megalithic Culture by Graham Phillips paperback priced at $20.00

Witches and Wizards by Lucy Cavendish hardback priced at $18.95 The real-life stories behind the occult’s greatest legends.