Cat Tarot by Megan Lynn Kott priced at $19.95,78 cards and a small book. a must have for cat lovers or cat lovers on your Christmas list.

Everyday Empath achieve energetic balance in your life, by Raven Digitalis paperback priced at $17.99. She is also the author of Esoteric Empath,

Family Guide to Homeopathy by Dr. Andrew Lockie paperback priced at $24.00

Sacred Energies of the Sun & Moon by Erika Buenaflor paperback priced at $18.00 Good book for all of you that are interested in Shamanic Solar and Lunar Rites

Three Waves of Volunteers and the New Earth by Dolores Cannon, paperback priced at $18.00 originally printed in 2011 now back in print

Warrior Heart Practice by Heather Ash Amara paperback priced at $16.99, A simple process to transform confusion into clarity and pain into peace.