Blessed by the Goddess by Lucy Cavendish priced at $21.95 cards are similar to the Angel Cards, Loving messages from the Global and Cosmic collective of Divine Mother

Celtic Spirit Oracle Ancient Wisdom from the Elementals by Nicola M. Intosh, 36 card deck priced at $24.95

Goddess Nut and the Wisdom of the Sky, by Lesley Jackson, paper back priced at $24.99, Goddess Nut is an ancient Egyptian goddess of the sky and trees.

Green Witch’s Garden, Your complete guide to creating and cultivating a magical garden space by Arin Murphy-Hiscock, hardback priced at $17.99

Heaven & Earth Tarot by Jack Sephiroth & Jaymi Elford, priced at $35.95 this is a beautiful new 78 card deck with a 160 page book illustrated in color

Herbal Magic, A handbook of natural charms and potions by Aurora Kane, hardback priced at $19.99

Hermetica ,Lost wisdom of the Pharaohs. by Timothy Freke & Peter Gandy, paperback priced at $12.00

House Witch, Your complete guide to creating a magical space for hearth and home, by Arin Murphy-Hiscock hardback priced at $16.99

Seeking Faery, An introduction to the hidden world of the Fae, by Emily Carding, hardback priced at $18.99

Star Tarot, by Cathy McClelland priced at $34.99, another new beautiful 78 card deck and a detailed book

Tarot Vintage by Arthur Waite & Pamela Smith, cards are the same design as the original 78 card deck but the colors have more of a vintage look. priced at $26.95

Tarot Original 1909 circular edition by Arthur Waite & Pamela Smith priced at $29.95 this would make a nice edition to your tarot collection

Twilight of Pluto Astrology and the Rise and Fall of Planetary Influences by John Michael Greer, paperback priced at $16.99