Ancestral Tarot, Uncover your past and Chart Your Future, by Nancy Hendrickson, paperback priced at $$16.95 The better we know our ancestors the better we know ourselves.

Dialogues with Yeshua and Mary Magdalene, The journey to Love, by Mercedes Kirkel, paperback priced at $19.95 In this true story a former priest asks questions and received profound answers from Yeshua and Mary channeled by Mercedes Kirkel leading him on a transformational journey,

Divine heart, Seven ways to live in God’s love by Colette Lafia, paperback priced at $15.95

Four Elements of the Wise, Working with the magical Powers of Earth Air, Water, Fire by Ivo Dominguez, JR, paperback priced at $18.95

Oracle of the Trees, by Francesca Romana Valente, priced at $22.95, set includes 32 cards and book, Oracle of the Trees provides a global voyage among sacred trees of various cultures past and present.