Angelic Lightwork, Magic & Manifestation with the Angels, by Alana Fairchild, paperback priced at $16.99, receive divine blessings, sacred guidance & healing energy from the angels.

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Great Goddess reverence of the divine feminine from the Paleolithic to the present, paperback priced at $$18.99 by Jean Markale author of Women of the Celts

Mary Magdalene Revealed, The first Apostle, her feminist Gospel and the Christianity We haven’t tried yet, by Meggan Watterson, hardback priced at $$24.99, New York Times review “This book is a masterpiece. I haven’t been this excited or awakened by a book for a decade.”

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Secrets of the Druids from Indo-European origins to modern practices, by Teresa Cross, paperback priced at $19.99 Celtic Spirituality