Don’t miss out! Join us for our last Holistic Fair of 2019 on Saturday, September 28th, 10 am – 5 pm. Take advantage of the energy of the New Moon and new beginnings. Have a reading or experience intuitive body work. Sessions are $20.00 for 15 minutes. There is no admission charge. Practitioners are listed below in alphabetical order

Christine Bailey: Experience the amazing affects of Royal Rife’s resonate frequency technology that can assist the body to remove parasites, environmental toxins, heavy metals, and more. To learn more look up Royal Rife on the web.

Marla DeMars: Palm reader providing accurate and insightful readings using a scientific approach with a mystical twist. To learn more about Marla visit her website:

Aron Fox: Hypnotherapist, offering past-life regressions. Aron has been conducting regressions for over 18 years. To learn more about Aron visit his website:

Martha Hoxley: Numerologist. Martha has over 24 years of experience as a numerologist and is well known for her ability and accuracy.

Julie Ann Jones: Intuitive offering, Full Spectrum Readings. Her messages are brought fourth with Love. Some of her gifts include seeing auras, medical intuition, past lives, future endeavors and more.

Marsha Lord: Tarot readings. She has been a psychic with integrity for over 35 years. She has appeared on NBC, CBS and ABC as well as several radio shows. Her accuracy rate is over 85%. Marsha specializes in time lines of events.

Govinda Miller: Astrologer with over 42 years experience as a professional spiritual astrologer. To learn more about Govinda visit his website:

Gaia Reitan, LMT: Offering energy work with tensor rings and a touch of planetary sound. To learn more about Gaia visit her website.

Rhylaigh Richler: has been an intuitive reader and life couch for over 35 years. She is divinely guided offering information through vision, auditory input and psychometry as she connects with the energy field of a an individual.

Lindy Swartz: Animal communication, visit Lindy and hear what your animals have to tell you.Especially helpful if you have concerns about their health or behavior.