Open the door to our fair. Don’t miss our last fair of 2018. Come celebrate Autumn with us on the Autumnal Equinox Saturday, September 22nd. Take this opportunity to start the fall with a reading or body work. Doors open at  10 am. Sessions are $20.00 for 15 minutes. There is no admission charge.  The following is a list of the practitioners that will be at the fair. For more information contact us at:  208-255-7903 or by email at:  Note: practitioners are listed in alphabetical order.

Stephanie Dancing Eagle:  trained/initiated Shaman & Woman’s Woman’s Wisdom Keeper for 20 years. Offering Aura or Chakra or flower Essence readings.

Ed’s Fossils & Minerals: Crystals, carved objects including crystal skills and more. He is well know for his reasonable prices. $20.00 doe not apply as he is a vendor.

Walter Ernest: Psychic medium, intuitive. He is an international psychic working in Canada and the US. helping his clients in their spiritual and personal development.

Aron Fox:  Hypnotherapist offering past-life regression. To learn more about Aron visit his website:

Marsha Lord: Tarot readings. Marsha has appeared on television and radio. Her accuracy rate s over 85%. Marsha specializes in time lines of events.

Gaia M. B. Reitan, LMT:  Offering chair massage with a touch of sound. To learn more about Gaia visit her website: 

Rhylaigh Richler: Intuitive reader. She receives her information through vision, auditory input and psychometry as she connect with the energy fields of an individual.

Lindy Swartz: Animal Communication. Visit Lindy to hear what your animals have to say. Note: Lindy is donating her fee to Panhandle Paws Animal Shelter.

Lee Stillwaters: Astrologer. Lee is an intuitive astrologer with a foundation in all aspect of western astrology. Visit his website at: