Archangel Michael Sword of Light Oracle, 44 card deck, by Radleigh Valentine, priced at $24-99

Book of Ceremony, Shamanic Wisdom for Invoking the Sacred in Everyday Life, by Sandra Ingerman, paperback priced at $18.95

Children of the Law of One & the Lost Teachings of Atlantis, by Jon Peniel, paperback priced at $23.95

Crystal Rituals by the Moon, by Leah Shoman, hardback priced at $22.95

Cunningham’s Book of Shadows, The Path of an American Traditionalist, by Scott Cunningham, hardback priced at $22.95

Empires of Atlantis, The origins of Ancient Civilations and Mystery Traditions throughout the Ages by Marco M. Vigato, paperback priced at $25.99

Enchanting Creativity, How Fairy Tales, Dreams, Rituals & Journaling Can Awaken Your Creative Self, by Paula Chafee Scardamalia, hardback priced at $16.99

Mists of Avalon Oracle, 36 card deck, by Rose Inserra, priced at $24.95

Rituals for Life, A guide to creating meaningful rituals inspired by nature, by Isla Macleod, hardback priced at $19.99

Symbol & Synchronicity, Learning the Soul’s Language in Dreams and Waking Life, by Julie Loar, paperback priced at $19.99