Let me see, where did I leave off? You are probably aware of fairy rings when trees or mushrooms grow in a circle that is a fairy ring where the fairies will dance. We have had a perfect circle of lighter colored grass at two different places that we have lived. No reason for it, it is always there nothing we do changes it and nothing can explain it.

If you should see a single leaf fluttering and there is no wind that is a fairy trying to get your attention. You can talk to it letting the fairy know that you are aware of its presence. When I first moved to Sandpoint I was on our back deck and noticed a single leaf just fluttering no wind or other movement around. So I acknowledged it’s presence and talked to it and then said I would like to see a deer or bear then changed my mind and said not a bear just a deer. (I was new to the area.) When I was leaving to pick Darren up from school I looked in the back yard and there was a stag with a large rack. We stared at each other and then he nodded his head and I thanked him and headed off and so did he.

I know this sounds a little weird to some of you but it is all true. More to follow in Part 3.