I’ve been rather remiss in my writing this last month with all the changes going on at the store.  Change is good and thank goodness I enjoy change.  One thing I have always enjoyed is trivia, while I wouldn’t win at Trivia Pursuit my favorite are little known fascinating facts. So I thought I would share one or maybe two with you today.

Do you know the origin of 007 (not the movie)?  Well during the Elizabethan Age, Dr. John Dee was one of the most brilliant men of his time (ok, so I’m getting to the 007 part, just bear with me a bit).  Dr Dee was an alchemist, a mathematician, a geographer, an astronomer and an astrologer.  He choose the date for Queen Elizabeth 1st coronation and when he was part of her net-work of spies, he signed his coded messages “007”.  The two 0’s represented the eyes of the Queen and the symbol that looked like a 7 was Dee’s personal mark.  Interesting at least I thought so and hope you do to.

I’ll save some others for next time.  Stop in for a cup of tea and a chat when you’re in the area.