New Arrivals & Old Friends

The Cygnus Key, by Andrew Collins, paperback priced at $24.00  The Denisovan Legacy, Gobekli Tepe, and the Birth of  Egypt Barbara Hand Clow  writes: The Cygnus Key is the new astronomical paradigm that shines light on the primal awakening of human consciousness sparked by the discovery of precession cycles, sound acoustics, and number cosmology..

The Astral Plane, by C. W. Leadbeatyer, small paperback priced at $10.95 This is a fascinating read covering the scenery and inhabitants of the astral plane.

Egyptian Book of the Dead, by E. A. Wallis Budge paperback priced at $14.95. The papyrus of Ani Egyptian text transliteration and translation. If you are interest in Egypt this will be a fascinating read.

We have added DVD’s and will add more in the future: for now we have the following:

What the Bleep do you Know!? an oldie but still valid priced at $16.95

Messages From Water featuring Dr. Emoto  priced at $16,85

Star Dreams a documentary exploring the mystery of crop circles. priced at $14.95, I personally own this one and if crop circles interest you this one is for you.

Egypt Exposed the true origins of civilization by Robert Bauval priced at $19.95 Bauvel is the author of many books and appears on Ancient Aliens

Murder of Mary Magdalene genocide of the holy bloodline priced at $24.95