May New Arrivals

Atlantis in the Caribbean by Andrew Collins paperback priced at $20.00, If you are interested in Atlantis this book is for you. I have read some of his others and found them interesting and informative.

Charge and the Energy Body by Anodea Judith paperback priced at $16.99 subtitle is: the vital key to healing your life, your chakras, and your relationships. She is a best-selling author of Eastern Body, Western Mind and Wheels of Life.

Energy Strands by Denise Linn paperback priced at: $16.99, subtitle: ultimate guide to clearing the cords that are constricting your life. Discovering and releasing the energy cords that don’t empower you is a voyage of letting go and stepping into the flow of life. Denis Linn is a well known author with many best sellers to her credit.

Lost Lands by Lucy Cavendish paperback priced at $20.95 subtitle is: A magickal history of Lemuria, Atlantis & Avalon. Haven’t had a chance to read it yet but it is on my list.

Mystical Shaman Oracle (deck & Guidebook) by Alberto Villoldo, Coletter Baron-Reid and Marcela Lobos priced at: $39.99

Power of Your Soul by Edgar Cayce paperback $15.95 This volume examines the Edgar Cayce readings on the power of your soul and provides a look at how we might truly become the individual we were meant to be. Note: this is the first time in print.

Spiritsong Tarot by Pauline Cassidy priced at $23.95 Spiritsong Tarot energizes the cards of traditional tarot with the majestic beauty and wisdom of 78 animals that have been called upon to help guide you.