There are some times in life, when it is incredibly difficult to rise in the morning and,  with a joyous grin on your face, blissfully greet the world in this brand new day.  Our journey, whether starting at the point of conception or the point in which we are birthed into 3rd dimensional existence is a journey of epic proportion.  Yes, I said it. Epic.  And it truly is.

No matter the extent of the great and small things done while we are here, the most important thing of all, is to experience Love.  Love in all  its many forms, love of self, love between family and friends, love between enemies, love between partners and lovers, love between the beautiful animal beings who share our lives, love with nature, love with divinity.   In all this, we find the sacred source of Connection to all, in Oneness.  Something of such extraordinary beauty should be cherished for all time.

Sadly, of course, the journey shared between two beings in love, may come to an end.  For whatever reason.  In these times, it is best to remember the good, and in place of any bandage, wrap the fresh wounds in a blanket of Love so strong that the negative aspect gives in to the loss and loses itself to the blessings,  memories and celebrations of the love one shared.

Written by our guest author Darren Campbell.  Thanks Darren for another great article.