Kind’a Like

Can someone out there please tell me what has happened to the English language.  I cringe when I hear people use “kind’a like” when similar to would be more appropriate or at least “kind of like” or thinkin instead of thinking.   Is it just me that notices how we have become so lazy for lack of a better word in our speech that we drop the g from ing or use yeah instead of yes.  I don’t as a rule listen to the radio but I have heard this one, “two fer” instead of two for.  Using the wrong tense is another one that makes me cringe such as I seen instead of I saw and there are so many more.

When my sons were growing up I was always correcting their language so that the g in ing was pronounced and the tense that they used was correct.  Now I find myself  having  to bite my tongue so that I don’t offend anyone by correcting their language.  I will admit  to using “got” incorrectly but I’m working on it.  Thank you for listening folks.  If I have made any errors in English in this article please let me know.  Hope all of you are having a great summer.