Finding Peace

As September the 21st is International Peace Day I thought it was a good time to repeat this important message.

Evening prayer is a tradition in many cultures. It is a time to connect, or reconnect for that matter with God/Spirit/Creator/Self and it is something we all do differently; a prayer just before bedtime, a period of meditation, formal prostrations supplicating yourself, a relaxing bubble bath, quiet time reading the latest intriguing book …. Each of these, is just as valid a form as any other for this sacred worship, this sacred time between you and the “powers that be” to relax into each other losing status as individual Self and becoming One.

It is during this time that we not only enjoy the sacredness of this connection, but also may ask: forgiveness for ourselves as well as others; help with a problem or an intense life experience we are having; or even the not always simple task of releasing negativity, both yours or that of anyone or anything around you.

September 21st is International Peace Day. Remember to take the time to find peace in your own life and it will spread to others around you.

The above article was written by our quest writer Darren Campbell