February & March New Arrivals

Clutter Intervention by Tisha Morris priced at $17.99 How your stuff is keeping you stuck. A perfect book for spring cleaning.

Course in Mastering Alchemy by Jim Self & Roxanne Burnett priced at $24.95 Tools to shift, transform and ascend.

Druid Animal Oracle DeckĀ by Philip & Stephanie Carr-Gomm priced at $14.95 this deck has been around for a while but was out of print.

Everything You Need to Know, but have never been told by David Icke priced at $19.99 this will be a must read for David Icke fans.

Hermetic Tarot by Godfrey Dowson priced at $21.95 based o the esoteric workings of The Secret Order of the Golden Dawn

Light Warrior by Kyle Gray priced at $15.99 connecting with the spiritual power of fierce love within the light no shadow can exist

Ostara Tarot priced at $24.99 The vernal equinox, Ostara wakes the City after Winter