Father’s Day–June 17th

Previously published June, 2010 but worth repeating.

This Father’s Day let’s honor not only the men in this society who have created, cared, protected and/or provided for a life brought into this world–let’s  honor the Divine Nature of Man.  Just as the goddess is honored, so should the god.  For though the goddess is infinite and the god finite;  each could not exist without the other.  And it is with the other, that the union of two becomes one and the Creator comes into being.

According to Dagonet Dewr, author of  “Sacred Paths for Modern Men” there are 12 Archetypes of Men:  1.  Divine Child  2.  Lover  3.  Warrior  4.  Trickster  5.  Green Man  6.  Guide  7.  Craftsman  8.  Magician  9.  Destroyer  10.  King  11.  Healer and 12.Sacrificed One.  A man will undergo transition in and out of several archetypes throughout his entire life while at the same time he may embody more than one archetype at any one time.

1.  The Divine Child is the beginning or our existence and embodies childlike qualities such as innocence and purity.  This is the first act of the play preparing us in maturity for our path into adulthood.  This is the regenerative force that leads us to wholeness.  It is only with a healthy inner child that we can move on to become a healthy adult.  Honor Gopal, Horus, Jeshua, Ganesha, Jaguar, Deer and Porcupine.

2.  Embody your Krishna nature as the Lover. Employ compassion to all as well as love for a partner.  It is when this archetype is expressed in its truest and most sacred form that we perceive the greatest union–that of the Lovers.  Express your tantric nature.  It is a miracle of life and an often neglected or abused pathway to the Divine.  Honor Krishna, Kokopelli, Pan, Eros, Avalokitesvara, Chenrezig, Frey, Snake and Tiger.

3.  While the Lover is the archetype that crosses boundaries and reaches out to others, the Warrior sets boundaries and protects.  Though it is healthy to establish boundaries and it is necessary to protect yourself and others, this archetype comes as a double edged sword.  One must not let the warrior nature take over to the point that it controls instead of being controlled. Honor  Ares, Mars, Set, Archangel Michael, Hanuman, Tiger and Armadillo.

4.  Embrace the Trickster.  Not enough of us are in tune with the Divine Fool.  This is the being that enjoys life to the fullest.  They are out to see the world and delight in every aspect of it.  Sometimes, the Trickster is nothing more than a prankster but more often than not, this is the wise Loki; astute to the “goings on” that surround us and often the one who brings downfall to hubris.  Honor Loki, Coyote or Raven, Hermes, Mercury, Anansi and Gopal.

5. Green Man.  Not just a representation of Nature, but an archetype of opposites: creation and destruction, harmony and chaos, desire and control.  It is this balance of opposites that defines man’s nature.  To deny our earthy, primal nature is disastrous yet to indulge without control is most definitely a disaster.  Honor Green Man, Pan, Shiva, Osiris. Odin, Jeshua, Tammuz and Enki.

6.  The Guide is not to be thought of as simply a teacher.  According to most mythological stories, the Guide will teach you what you want to know, but it always comes at a price. This is also the individual that will do more than just instruct you, they will lead you on a journey.  It is not just about the destination, it is the road you take to get there.  Honor Hermes, Mercury, Buddha, Archangel Gabriel, Hawk and Wolf.

The next two archetypes are very closely related.  In fact both are creators.

7.  The Craftsman is the divine archetype of creating and becoming.  But their approach is literally more hands on in the process.  Another important aspect of the Craftsman is repair, they mend the flawed and the broken.  Honor Shiva, Ptah, Haphaestus, Odin, Enki, Pangu, Brahma, Tiger, Beaver, Ant and Spider.

8.  The Magician is the keeper of knowledge and just as within the tarot, this archetype is the alchemist.  This figure is knowledgeable and creative and has the know-how and the power to create what is desire.  Like an alchemist, the Magician modifies what the Craftsman creates.  Honor Thoth, Hermes, Apollo, Merlin, Thor, Mabon, Panther, Cat and Raven.

9.  The Destroyer archetype is of utmost necessity.  How else to make a transition of any kind without destruction?  Life is change.  Everything in life “dies.”  In fact, each moment “dies” to be reborn the next.  After all, it is after the destruction that the Creator can create.  Honor Shiva, Set, Janus.  Archangel Michael, Scarab, Snake and Panther.

10.  Majesty, power, maturity, strength; just a few words to describe the King.  This is the embodiment of honor and distinction–a force of strength and compassion.  And even though the presence of the King is necessary at times to inspire and empower, the contemplative and symbolic nature of this archetype enables you to just Be.  Honor Jupiter, Odin, Ra, Horus, Indra, Buddha, Elephant, Horse and the Stag King.

11. Another  archetype lacking in healthy relationship with our individual nature is the Healer.  In this day and age, we are mostly out of touch with our health until some symptom comes along to indicate we have health issues.  Just as with the Warrior and the Green Man, this is an archetype that requires a proper balance.  Stop.  Take a day for yourself.  Relax. Heal.  Honor Apollo, Konsu, Archangel Raphael and Snake.

12.  The Sacrificed One is a fundamental aspect of the archetypal journey.  The altruistic nature of this individual, blossoms to its full realization.  This is not personal sacrifice for our own good but for the good of all. It is a person of principle, who remains in integrity with their path in life.  If a sacrifice is ever requested, it must be freely given despite the fear and skepticism spawned by the situation.  Honor Jeshua, Odin, Panther, the Stag King and Rebirth.

I hope you have noticed that none of the descriptions I have written about these archetypes employs  any use of the he or she pronouns.  I believe that, in actuality, all of these archetypes may be applied to each of us no matter what sex we have chosen to be this lifetime.  So what archetype are you?  Whose energy are you embodying?  What path are you currently walking at this time?  Ponder these thoughts and then call in the energy of the Divine with the specific face of a being who represents the energy you are, or the energy you wish to Be.

Written by Darren Campbell.  Darren will on occasion be our guest writer.