We all have to make choices in our lives and some are harder than others. I saw the following blog and contacted the writer to ask permission to share this with you. The date he is referring to is August 1st when he decided to change his life while sitting in a jail cell ready to put another needle in his arm but didn’t.  I think his words are inspiring and hope you do also.

“23 years ago today at 10:30 pm I was sitting in a place that smelled of dirty socks and a lot worse. It was hot and sweaty. It was a private, gated community designed for folks that chose not to manage their own lives. My life was highly managed for me. And honestly that was my choice. I put me there I put me in that situation  Then and today, I was and am free to do whatever I wish…I am not free to ignore the consequences  I am not seeking your praise or validation, honestly I don’t care.

This message is for those that have the shovel in their hands right now. You can stop digging the hole. Put the shovel down. The last house on the block is open to you. If you want. If not well that”s your choice…carry on enjoy the ride. be as miserable as you wish…that choice? Well, it’s yours to make. I;ll do me and. You do you. Peace.”

I don’t believe that everything happens for a reason, it  is still always our choice. Be kind . I’ll be kind and I will be the best possible me. Today marks my 23rd year in recovery. I’m just a guy that did what you can do.

As I said at the beginning of this blog some choices are harder than others. I hope none of yours are as difficult as this young mans  In case you are wondering his life has not been a bed or roses but he has traveled the road clean and sober. He has raised 5 children, has two college degrees.,He has been married, divorced, and widowed. As he has said Be Kind and be the best possible you.