Amazing New Product

I have been wanting to write an article about an amazing new product we are carrying but, every time we receive a shipment they are gone before I can write the article.  How can I tell you about this new product if they fly out the door as soon as they come in (ok, so customers carry them out).  On the 3rd of January we received 7 and by the 5th of January there were only 2  left in stock.  So, I have decided that the best way to do this is to have you check out the Lite the Light website as listed below.  Take the time to view these amazing pyramids.  I currently have two large and two mediums in stock.  Prices range from approximately $30.00 for a small, the medium ones selling for $80.00 to $110.00 and as you will see the large range in price from $200.00 on up.   We should be receiving a new shipment the first part of next week consisting of the small and medium size.

Customers who have purchased the pyramids have told me how much they have changed the energy in their homes.  So check out the website and stop in the store to see this amazing product.

Please Note: Prices have increased and vary from $65.00 – $225.00